M. Farris & Associates is a customer Service and Technology Group that was founded in 1979.  Since our inception, we have been dedicated to the continuing sales and support of all generations of Computer Disk and Tape Storage Device Technologies.  Additionally, we support each generation of associated Formatter and Controller Boards.

     Our focus is on the sales and support of computer products that we classify as "end-of-life", "vintage", or "classic" technologies.  Early on, we found that many computer products were no longer supported by the original manufacturer.  The reason was that many of the manufacturers were either no longer in business, or they no longer would support discontinued product lines. Further, we found that even when the original manufacturer did continue to offer service on discontinued products, support of these products were prioritized secondary to the support of their latest products. Long lead times, high prices, and quality problems is the result of this customer's lower priority status. The rapid obsolescence and shorter life cycles of computer products enhances this problem. Each year thousands of computer products are abandoned by their manufacturers, leaving customers with no place to turn to for service.

     Our commitment is to providing these customers with a viable and ongoing support option for these vintage technologies. Over the years, we have developed our product support capabilities by acquiring the manufacturing rights and inventories of End-of-Life products directly from the original manufacturer. Our ongoing "Buy Back Program" and excess inventory purchases has enabled us to maintain a vast spare parts inventory of Vintage computer products. The average engineer in our engineering department has in excess of 25 years experience in computer technology. They are constantly developing new repair capabilities on End-of-Life products through "Reverse Engineering" procedures. Additionally, we maintain a vast library of technical data, schematics and product information for thousands of Classic computer products. We welcome your inquiries and questions. For price information, please visit our "Request for Quotation" link. Of course, we will still accept traditional telephone calls and Fax transmissions.


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