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Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int. Type
Kittyhawk PSM- XTA 21.4MB 1.3" SSL XTA  
HP-97500-85600 20MB 3.5" HHT SCSI  
HP-97500-85620 20MB 3.5" HHT SCSI  
HP-C2233A 238MB 3.5" HHT SCSI  
HP-C2233S 234MB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2  
HP-C2234A 334MB 3.5" HHT ATA  
HP-C2234S 328MB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2  
HP-C2235A 429MB 3.5" HHT ATA  
HP-C2235S 422MB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2  
HP-C2247-001 1050MB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2 Fast
HP-C2247-002 1050MB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2 F/D
HP-C2247-012 1050MB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2 F/W/D
HP-C3323A-001 1050MB 3.5" 1/3HT SCSI-2  
HP-C3323A-002 1050MB 3.5" 1/3HT SCSI-2 Diff.
HP-C3323A-012 1050MB 3.5" 1/3HT SCSI-2 W/D
HP-C3324A 1256MB 3.5" 1/3HT SCSI-2  
HP-C3325A 2170MB 3.5" 1/3HT SCSI-2  
HP-C3330A 2170MB 3.5" 1/3HT SCSI-2  
HP-C3331A 4350MB 3.5" 1/3HT SCSI-2  
HP-97532D 108MB 5.25" FHT SCSI Diff.
HP-97532E 103MB 5.25" FHT ESDI  
HP-97532S 108MB 5.25" FHT SCSI  
HP-97532T 108MB 5.25" FHT SCSI  
HP-97533D 162MB 5.25" FHT SCSI Diff.
HP-97533E 155MB 5.25" FHT ESDI  
HP-97533S 162MB 5.25" FHT SCSI  
HP-97533T 162MB 5.25" FHT SCSI  
HP-97536D 323MB 5.25" FHT SCSI Diff.
HP-97536E 311MB 5.25" FHT ESDI  
HP-97536S 323MB 5.25" FHT SCSI  
HP-97536T 323MB 5.25" FHT SCSI  
HP-97544D 331MB 5.25" FHT SCSI Diff.
HP-97544E 340MB 5.25" FHT ESDI  

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