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Hard disk drives we repair and sell

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Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int. Type
Hitachi DK212A-10 1.0GB 2.5"      
Hitachi DK212A-81 810MB 2.5"      
Hitachi DK222A-27 270MB 2.5"      
Hitachi DK222A-54 540MB 2.5"      
Hitachi DK301-1 10MB 3.5" HHT MFM ST506
Hitachi DK301-2 15MB 3.5" HHT MFM ST506
Hitachi DK312C-20 209MB 3.5" HHT SCSI  
Hitachi DK312C-25 251MB 3.5" HHT SCSI  
Hitachi DK314C-41 419MB 3.5" HHT SCSI  
Hitachi DK315C-10 1.0GB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2 Fast
Hitachi DK315C-11 1.1GB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2 Fast
Hitachi DK315C-14 1.4GB 3.5" HHT SCSI-2 Fast
Hitachi DK325C-57 573MB 3.5" SL SCSI-2 Fast
Hitachi DK328C-10 1.0GB 3.5"      
Hitachi DK328C-21 2.1GB 3.5"      
Hitachi DK328C-43 4.3GB 3.5"      
Hitachi DK505-2 21MB 3.5"      
Hitachi DK511-3 28MB 3.5"      
Hitachi DK511-5 41MB        
Hitachi DK511-8 67MB  5.25"  FHT  MFM  ST506
Hitachi DK512-12 94MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK512-17 134MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK512-8 67MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK512C-12 330MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK512C-17 321MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK512C-8 330MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK514-38   5.25"      
Hitachi DK514C-38 673MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK514S-38 670MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK515-12 673MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK515-78          
Hitachi DK515C-78 1320MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK515S-78 1342MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK516-12 1900MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK516-15 2900MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK516C-16 51MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK517-26 91MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK517C-37 88MB 5.25"      
Hitachi DK521-5 200MB        
Hitachi DK522-10 200MB        
Hitachi DK522C-10 128MB        

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