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Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int. Type
DECATHLON 850 850MB 3.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
MARATHON 340 340MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
MARATHON 520 524MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
MARATHON 810 810MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
MARATHON SL 210 210MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
MARATHON SL 260 262MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
MARATHON SL 420 420MB 2.5" SSL ATA2 Fast
MEDALIST 4321 4.3GB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
MEDALIST 6531 6.5GB 3.5" SL ATA Ultra
MEDALIST 8641 8.6GB 3.5" SL ATA Ultra
ST1057A 54MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT
ST1057N 49MB 3.5" HHT SCSI2 SE
ST1090A 79MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT
ST1090N 79MB 3.5" HHT SCSI1 SE
ST1096N 84MB 3.5" HHT SCSI1 SE
ST1100 84MB 3.5" HHT MFM ST506
ST1102A 89MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT
ST1102N 84MB 3.5" HHT SCSI1 SE
ST1106R 91MB 3.5" HHT RLL ST412
ST1111A 98MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT
ST1111E 99MB 3.5" HHT ESDI  
ST1111N 98MB 3.5" HHT SCSI1 SE
ST11200N 1050 3.5" HHT SCSI2 Fast
ST11200ND 1.05GB 3.5" HHT SCSI2 Diff.
ST11201N 1.05GB 3.5" HHT SCSI2 SE
ST11201ND 1.05GB 3.5" HHT SCSI2 Diff.
ST1126A 111MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT
ST1126N 107MB 3.5" HHT SCSI2 SE
ST1133A 117MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT
ST1133N 113MB 3.5" HHT SCSI SE
ST1133NS 113MB 3.5" HHT SCSI2 SE
ST1144A 130MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT
ST1144N 125MB 3.5" HHT SCSI2 SE
ST1150R Swift 128MB 3.5" HHT RLL ST506
ST1156A Swift 138MB 3.5" HHT IDE AT

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