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Model Capacity Size Height Bus Type Int. Type
10100RTL 10141MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Enh.
13000RTL 13020MB 3.5" SL ATA-66 Ultra
20400RTL 20416MB 3.5" SL ATA-66 Ultra
6400RTL 6448MB 3.5" SL ATA-66 Ultra
8400RTL 8455MB 3.5" SL ATA-66 Ultra
AC11000 Caviar 1055MB 3.5" SL ATA Enh.
AC11200 Caviar 1282MB 3.5" SL EIDE  
AC11600 Caviar 1624MB 3.5" SL EIDE  
AC1170 171MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC11700 1707MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
AC1210 212MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC12100 Caviar 2100MB 3.5" SL ATA4 Ultra
AC12500 2559MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
AC1270 270MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
AC13200 3249MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
AC1365 365MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
AC140 Caviar 1 42MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC1425 426MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
AC14200 4234MB 3.5" SL ATA-66  
AC14300 4311MB 3.5" SL ATA-66 Ultra
AC160 Caviar 2 63MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC21000 Caviar 1083MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
AC210200 10200MB 3.5" SL ATA-66 Ultra
AC2120 Caviar 2 119MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC21200 Caviar 1281MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
AC21600 Caviar 1624MB 3.5" SL ATA2 Fast
AC2170 Caviar 2 170MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC21700 1707MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Enh.
AC2200 Caviar 2 213MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC22000 2000MB 3.5" SL ATA4  
AC22100 2111MB 3.5" SL ATA Enh.
AC22100-40LA 2111MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
AC2250 256MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC22500 2559MB 3.5" SL ATA4 Ultra
AC23100 3166MB 3.5" SL ATA4 Ultra
AC23200 3249MB 3.5" SL ATA4 Ultra
AC2340 Caviar 2 341MB 3.5" SL IDE AT
AC24000 4000MB 3.5" SL ATA3 Ultra
AC2420 Caviar 2 425MB 3.5" SL IDE AT

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