ABS - CRM CSC - Hitachi Hohner - Quantel R2E Micral - Zilog

R2E Micral Seagate Technology Tandon Univac
R2E of America Secj Tano Systems Vanguard
Radio Corp of America SEL Tateishi Electronics Varian Univac
Radio Shack Shugart Taylorix Vermont Research
Randel Siemens Techmation Wabash
Randolph Computer Sigm Teknos Wagner
Rank Xerox Singer Friden Tektronix Wang Labs
Raytheon Spear Medical Telefile Wangtek
RCA Sperry Univac Telemecanique Western Dynex
Regnecentralen Storage Technology Telex Western Electric
Rexon Stra Texas Instruments Western Peripherals
Royal Stratus Computer Titn Wordplex
Ruf Sycor Tonko XCS
Saga Roma Sync Toshiba Tosbac Xebec
Sagem Syquest Tracor Xerox Data Systems
Saisix System Industry Triad Zilog
Sanders System Storage Triumph Adler  
Scan Data Systems Com TRW  
Schrem Systems Eng Labs Ultimate Corp  
Sci Data Talcott Unidata  
SDS Systems Tandem Computers Unitech  


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